Our Angels

In order of their arrival at Heaven's Gate.

Micheal Alexander Louis Johnson (4/13/2008)

"An old friend/classmate asked for support on this part of her journey and I wanted to be there knowing that for some the beginning is the hardest. I knew it would be a lot of work. I knew it would bring some healing to her heart. I knew these little gifts would touch families in a big way. What I didn't know was that it would bring some healing and wholeness to my heart too! I also didn't know that it would connect so many from both of our circles of support. I didn't know it would give me the chance to share the stories of both of our little ones. My son Micheal lived with me for 34 weeks and 2 days... He was still born 2 days later on April 13, 2008. Four years later, I am apart of this project because my son lived and because the beginning of the rest of my life without him was rough and anything I can do to help another mother's journey be easier....I'm down!" 


Everly Jean Allen (1/20/2012)

"I'm thankful to be a part of such a special group of women. These ladies & their experiences have helped me much more than they'll ever know.
Everly was taken from us, in a sense, the moment she was given to us. Words can't express how much I miss her, how much I wanted to see her grow up with her big sister, how much joy she would have brought to our lives. For her I do everything because i couldnt do anything. She lead me to teeny tears, & raindrop moments. We get the honor of making the lives of grieving families even the slightest bit better because we've been down that road and know the smallest gestures mean the most.
In August 2011 we decided we wanted Shelby to be a big sister, October we found out our dream came true. 3 months flew by, Shelby was about to turn 1 & we get the phone call that changed our lives forever. We put on big smiles for Shelbys party & waited anxiously for the appointment. We saw a specialist, he gave us the worst news we will ever hear. Ever. She had anencephaly. No chance of survival. Not even .0000001% trust me, if that .0000001% chance would have been there we would have taken it, but it wasn't. January 20th is her angelversary, just shy of 20 weeks.
A day I'm not very proud of. but it's her day & she deserves that and so much more...."

Olivia Allen

Ryan Gabriel Hepler (3/8/2012)

“I left the hospital after losing my son at 19 weeks into my pregnancy feeling empty- both physically and emotionally. I immediately had a strong desire to reach out to other families- to provide them some kind of support. When a friend introduced me to Teeny Tears, I knew immediately that I had found my cause. Creating these teeny diapers gave me something positive to focus on. Though I was only 3 months into my own grieving, providing something else for other mothers filled a good part of that emptiness with the joy and satisfaction of helping others. I've witnessed an entire community rally to help with this cause; people who wanted to do something to help me...but didn't know what to say or what to do jumped right in to buy fabric and trace/cut/sew materials. When we delivered our first donation, I was nervous pulling back into that same hospital parking lot. The nerves quickly faded as I gathered our tiny gifts and placed them into the arms of the volunteer coordinator at our hospital. She offered genuine thanks and I left the parking lot feeling pride and satisfaction knowing that the next mother that went through a loss wouldn't be leaving the hospital empty-handed.  Ryan's earthly body was complicated by trisomy 18, so I carry him in my heart everywhere I go, always trying to make him proud. May we learn to dance in the rain, rather than fleeing from it...soaking up precious kisses from Heaven with each raindrop."

Alex Hepler 11/19/2012
"We lost our tiny Alex (gender unknown) at 8 weeks.  We were blessed with what we hoped and prayed would be our "Rainbow" baby in the fall of 2012.  We witnessed a heartbeat on an ultrasound only to watch it fade away to nothing a few days later.  We will do everything we can to remember both of our tiny angels and feel a small amount of comfort knowing that they are together."


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