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Email requests to:

If you'd like to request items for a hospital, please email us the type of items you are seeking and the expected annual number of losses served at your hospital or office.  Care items can be shipped and provided to doctor's offices and hospitals at no charge

If you'd like to request an item of remembrance for yourself or a friend, a please send us the following:

Include the following information in your email so that we can select something appropriate to send:
-Name of recipient
-child's name/gender (if known/applicable)
-gestation or age at the time of loss (this could be from conception to...?)
-when the loss occurred (there is no expiration date on grief...the loss could have occurred today or 3 decades ago)

We provide mementos to families for free based on what we have in stock from volunteers and donors.  We do ask that if you are an individual seeking a package outside of NC that you make a donation of $6 to cover the cost of shipping. We are able to fulfill one request per child, pending available supplies. 

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