Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fundraising Total for October

Thanks to the amazing support of all of you....our October fundraiser brought in over $1100.00 and $200 in donated items. We will be able to afford to file our nonprofit paperwork and have a nice start to funding our memory boxes and other family items! We will certainly appreciate ongoing support, but this will give us a great start! To give you an idea of what the money goes towards:

$2 pays for a pair of teeny tears diapers
$5 pays for a miscarriage care box

$10-20 pays for a sibling blanket/quilt
$10-20 pays for a stillbirth/NICU loss box
$100 pays for shipping diapers to 8 hospitals
$100 stocks a doctor's office with miscarriage boxes
$600 pays for nonprofit/corporate filing paperwork
$4000 stocks a large hospital with an annual supply of memory boxes (i.e. Women's), teeny tears diapers, and miscarriage boxes

Thank you so much everyone for helping launch our organization!!

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