Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gift Bags

We will be donating care bags to Women's Hospital and local doctor's offices.  We are looking for good deals on small gift bags.  If you see any while you're out shopping, please grab some and/or let us know where to look.  Also....great black Friday deals at Michaels and Joann's coming up! 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fundraising Total for October

Thanks to the amazing support of all of you....our October fundraiser brought in over $1100.00 and $200 in donated items. We will be able to afford to file our nonprofit paperwork and have a nice start to funding our memory boxes and other family items! We will certainly appreciate ongoing support, but this will give us a great start! To give you an idea of what the money goes towards:

$2 pays for a pair of teeny tears diapers
$5 pays for a miscarriage care box

$10-20 pays for a sibling blanket/quilt
$10-20 pays for a stillbirth/NICU loss box
$100 pays for shipping diapers to 8 hospitals
$100 stocks a doctor's office with miscarriage boxes
$600 pays for nonprofit/corporate filing paperwork
$4000 stocks a large hospital with an annual supply of memory boxes (i.e. Women's), teeny tears diapers, and miscarriage boxes

Thank you so much everyone for helping launch our organization!!