Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Off and Running

Our new (soon-to-be) nonprofit is off and running!   Since we are brand new and a little nervous, we'd like to ask for some help.  We'd appreciate any of the following:

1) Prayers- for the families we will serve and for the volunteers who will work to help them.
2) Monetary contributions to get us running (our 501 (c) application will cost about $400 and we will need additional funding to begin purchasing items/materials for memory boxes, teeny dears diapers, etc.).  We do have our very own paypal link!
Click on the button at the top right of the screen.
3) "Like" us on facebook here:
4) Add our blog button (left hand side of screen) to your blog.
5) Help us spread word
6) Donate items-
7) Volunteer with us- we have lots of volunteer opportunities available to all age groups!  

We will print business logos on our handouts for any supporting business.  
We will also offer advertising space on our blog to donor businesses.  
We will write letters of recommendations for volunteers.
We will send personalized donation (In Memory of, In Honor of) to monetary donors.

Though this particular project just launched yesterday, our founders worked hard over the summer to donate TWO THOUSAND bereavement diapers and blankets across the state of NC and to some "sister" organizations in Texas. 

Thank you so much for your help and prayers!

Mommy to angel Ryan (3/8/2012)

Mommy to angel Micheal (4/13/2008)

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