Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fundraising Update

We were able to raise $43.00 during our Mary Kay Fundraiser.  We are sooo close to meeting our $1000.00 goal by October 31st.  We are at $890.92!  If you'd like to help us reach our goal, please consider donating to our paypal account.  The button is on the right hand sidebar.  We are also seeking donations of items on our wish list.  We have a P.O. Box for mailing donations, which you can find here

We were able to donate our first set of items as an official organization: a set of diapers and blankets for the sisters of a sweet little angel.  They can use them with their dolls and snuggle them when they miss their sister.  Our volunteer seamstresses are busy making Teeny Tears Diapers for the hospitals we anticipate will need restocking next year.  We've also been blessed with a High School Senior who helped us cut out diapers for his senior project.  More on that to come! 

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